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Mr. Hans Wilsdorf, who is the founder of the Rolex Watches, was born on the 22nd March 1881. Unfortunately, his father died in his childhood and Mr. Hans Wilsdorf orphaned by the age of 12 years. He received his first job in a pearl importers firm. Nevertheless, this all happened because of his friendship, struck while at a school: that Mr. Hans Wilsdorf just enters the world of the watches. Mr. Wilsdorf had settled in London working for another watch making firm in 1903. After gaining the all experience, he set about to establish his own firm. He was not so good financially to open the firm by himself. Although, with the help of his brother-in-law, he established his own Company. He struggled a lot in the world of watches. The result of his struggles became very fruitful for him and now, he is the well-known successful person. Rolex- is the brand now. The Rolex Company was founded in 1905 by Mr. Wilsdorf. Wilsdorf was not the watchmaker; he imported Hermann Aeglers Swiss movement to the England and placed them in quality. The watches of the Wilsdorf and the brother-in law Davis were usually marked W&D inside the case back only. Mr. Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark name “Rolex” in 1908. Rolex is the French phrase which meaning exquisite watches industry.

Struggles of Wilsdorf

The cost of the Rolex Watch is approximately (hundred thousand Dollars). Wilsdorf wanted his watches to be affordable to everyone, but the taxes and export duties on the case metal driving costs up. The watches of the Mr. Wilsdorf have become the sign of the rich and the famous, not only this but it is also called the sign of the success. The reason behind the success of Rolex Watches was the continuously struggle of the Mr. Wilsdorf and the innovations in the designs of the watches. Innovation is meant a lot in the every industry. Because innovation can raise your rank, if you don’t allow the new designs on your product then they will be called useless, old-fashion etc. The reputation of the Mr. Wilsdorf is fully concerned with the designs and the function over many decades.

Innovations of the Rolex Watches

Rolex Company has made many innovations in the world of watches. These all innovations were the very important in the field of the horology. Some innovations of the Rolex are:

1 - Waterproof watch

2 - Auto-rotor self-winding watch

3 - Automatically changing the date and the dial watch

4 - Automatically change the date/day watch

5 - Two time zones at once wath

6 - The watch to manufacture to earn the chronometer certificate

7 - Original quartz watches movement

Rolex has also made the great reputation in watches for the extreme uses. The extremes of the: Deep Sea Diving, Mountain Climbing, and Sports Models.

Such innovations in designs and the greatest struggle of Mr. Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law have made the Company, the most successful in the world and the well-known Company in the World of Watches.